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RARS community channel (#riken_rars_community) has started on Slack. (June 10, 2022)
This channel is for exchanging opinions and sharing information about the Research Achievement Registration System (RARS), including how to use it and examples of its use.
RARS administrators will also participate, but please understand that they will not always be able to answer your questions and requests.

このチャンネルは業績登録システム(RARS) https://rars.riken.jpの使い方や、活用方法などについて意見交換、情報共有する場です。
RARS 管理者も参加しますが、ご質問・ご要望に必ずしもお答えできるわけではないことをご了解ください。
We have upgraded RARS (Apr 28, 2022)
The main upgrades are as follows.

Change of registration flow:
    In the previous version, you selected whether to use the reference DB (external DB in previous version) or to input new data directly at the input start, but in ver. 2.0 you can use input support after the input start.
    The following bibliographic data is now available as a reference DB for input support.
        Bibliographic data of external DBs (WoS, DBLP, researchmap)
        Bibliographic data already registered in RARS

Enhancement of search and output:
    New search fields have been added.
    New output file formats have been added, and output in various bibliographic style is now available.
Construction of “DB of Registered Achievements before RARS”:
    You can browse the data in DB of registered Achievements before RARS, and you can also register the data after FY 2018 to RIKEN Achievement DB by yourself.

Introduction of “My Achievement List”:
    The search results can now be saved as “My Achievement List” and reused.


    旧バージョンでは入力開始時に参照DB(旧バージョンでの外部DB)を利用するか新規に入力するかを決めていましたが、ver 2.0では入力開始後に参照DBから入力支援を行います。



We have upgraded the Research Achievement Registration System (RARS) (Feb 28, 2022).
The main upgrades are as follows.

Changes related to achievement input:
    Once you decide on an achievement type, you will be now able to save it temporarily.
    We have added DBLP as an external database to be used as a reference for achievement input.

Changes for registration components:
    We have added components such as conference URL links for conference presentation achievements and chapters and pages for/when registering books.

Changes for achievement outputs:
    We have removed the limit of 50 maximum searches.

業績登録システム(Research Achievement Registration System (RARS))の改修を行いました(2022年2月28日)



業績登録システム(Research Achievement Registration System (RARS))の改修を行いました(2022年1月19日).
1. 理研著者が全員同定されていない場合、登録申請できません。
2. 理研著者が一人もいない場合、登録申請できません。
3. 類似業績が存在する場合、確認のチェックボックスが表示されます。

We have upgraded the Research Achievement Registration System (RARS) (January 19, 2022).
1. You will not be able to register an achievement unless the RIKEN affiliations of all pertinent authors are identified in the system.
2. You will not be able to register the achievement if no RIKEN-affiliated authors are included.
3. A confirmation tick box will be shown when an achievement with a similar title already exists on the system.
If you are a Visiting Scientist or other guest user, please set the forwarding e-mail address for You will not receive the notification from the system without setting the forwarding address.